Red Farm is a community-supported farm founded in Sebastopol, California in 2009, specializing in heirloom fruits and vegetables. At Red H we use agroecological farming practices focusing on land and water stewardship. At the farm we never use chemicals. Instead we rely on soil management and biodiversity to promote plant growth and vibrant agroecosystems. We use no-till methods that enrich our soil with plenty of compost and wood chip mulch.  This method nourishes our crops, builds soil health and conserves water. We believe firmly in human rights and fair relationships with workers. We pride ourselves on creating the kinds of relationships that are the foundation of a healthy local foodshed.


Sebastopol’s coastally-influenced climate – foggy mornings, sunny days and cool evenings – provides for a wide variety of crops at Red H Farm. This includes longer lasting cool-season vegetables like spinach and fava beans, packed-with-flavor dry farmed tomatoes, cooler-climate watermelons and a rainbow colored pumpkin patch!

Red H Farm offers a weekly farm box of unique and tasty vegetables, seasonal fruits, herbs and flowers. Our products can also be purchased at the Sebastopol Farmers Market, at various restaurants throughout the county, and through special orders. Just get in touch!