August 16, 2013 Newsletter – Week 3

Great news! I have been snacking on the first of the tomatoes this week! That means in the next couple of weeks we should be seeing them show up in the box! Just short of tomatoes, as it stands, summer is coming on strong, and we’re getting to that time in the season where because of our amazing micro-climate we are enjoying the bounty of summer while savoring what others only eat in the spring!  Peppers are finally making a solid appearance, and you have a couple varieties to enjoy this week. Sweet green and yellow peppers, and spicey-sweet Anchosthese are the dark green, glossy peppers used in Chile Rellenos. From here on out peppers should get more abundant and sweeter by the week! The cucumbers continue in proliferation. The smooth green ones, called Beit Alpha, are worth just snacking on like an apple they’re so sweet. The dark, spiny Japanese cucumbers and the giant fuzzy Armenian cucumbers are sweet and crisp and don’t even need to be peeled. And oh, a summer spinach salad! The recipe this week will make use of as much cucumber as you care to use, as well as crunchy bells, raw beans and radishes. Its simple and fresh and can’t be beat for an outdoor summer dinner.

The apples this week are from a neighbor’s overloaded tree. Some may be more appropriate for baking or sauce – great flavor but the more yellow fruits may be a bit mealy.

In the Box: Kale (Red Russian and Nero di Toscano), Bloomsdale Spinach, Microgreens with Edible Flowers, Summer Squash (7 varieties!), Cucumbers, Radishes or beets, Purple, Yellow and Green Filet Beans, Herbs (Basil and Cilantro), Apples, Green and Yellow Sweet Peppers, Ancho Peppers 


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