August 9, 2013 Newsletter – Week 2

Last week held the excitement that always accompanies the first week of deliveries. This week, the pleasure was in a full, diverse box of vegetables…it always brings a smile to my face! 

Things look good at the farm. A pair of young hawks has taken residence in the trees, continually taunting the hens, but redeeming themselves by taking up gopher patrol. They swoop low over fields and perch in high branches around the house, a constant reminder of the perils that can accompany free-ranging fowl. They’re undoubtedly part of the lineage of the hawks that have nested in the huge Eucalyptus trees at the far edge of the farm since my childhood, so we’re happy to have them near despite their sinister intentions.

 Happily, a swarm of bees has re-populated an old tree so we have pollinators buzzing about contentedly. The low hum of a bee swarm making themselves at home amid the crops is a gift – while we can’t enjoy the honey as its locked away tightly in the tree trunk, they make our vegetables come to fruition.

As usual, the warmth of summer days fades into cool Northern California evenings and the crops get a plentiful dose of foggy dew early, early every morning. Despite the unseasonably cool weather we’ve seen for the past week or so, crops are thriving in the fields. While the fog and drizzle hasn’t hastened the ripening of the tomatoes, the squash and cucumbers continue to overgrow their beds and the spicy radishes remain a fresh, crisp summer app to enjoy while you fire up the BBQ. The pepper plants hang heavy with green fruit, sweet bells and rich poblanos within reach – just another week or so if the temperatures heat up.  While the first round of beans suffered some germination and pest troubles (you’ll get a small taste, but not a hefty supply just yet), the second planting is coming on strong and soon you’ll be enjoying snaps in green, yellow, purple and striped!

In the Box this week:

Little Gem Romaine Hearts, Red Russian or Dino Kale, Rainbow Chard, Saxa II Radishes, Summer Squash (Striata d’Italia, Crookneck, Romanesco…), Cucumbers (Lemon, Beit Alpha/Persian, Japanese, Armenian), Green Onions, Yellow Peppers, and Purple Stringless Beans or Detroit Dark Red Beets



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